a brief description of the situation

until baby comes, these little shmishes think they’re the center of the universe.
both of them have very terrible ears, with too much cat ear wax. when i say very terrible, i don’t mean very terrible, however, because i have seen some VERY TERRIBLE cat ears in my day, and theirs doesn’t even fall into the category of otitis externa as far as i’m concerned. having said that, a certain veterinarian would probably diagnose otitis externa and recommend ear cleaning solution, post ear cleaning ointment, a course of anti-biotics and a recheck in 2 weeks. also, of course, an ear swab and microscopic exam, a full professional ear cleaning, telazol for calming down and anaesthetic purposes, extra physical restraint, hospitalization and nursing and possibly subcutaneous fluids and a prescription diet.
this certain veterinarian and i didn’t get along so hot when i was working at the pet hospital. i didn’t get along so hot with a couple of other people when i was working at the pet hospital, and since there’s about 9000 things you can’t do in a pet hospital while being cranky and pregnant, i am now not working.
which makes for not having very much money. but it’s manageable because it is.
school starts in a few weeks, where i will be learning how to better get along with veterinarians. sort of. mostly i will be learning things i already know about cats and dogs, and then also learning about other fun creatures like horses, goats and little sheep. fortunately none of the 9000 things i couldn’t do at the pet hospital are things that i will learn this next quarter. then i take a quarter off for birthing and then we see about school some more.
the point is to become a registered veterinary technician, as opposed to a fake veterinary technician which allows one to a. make more money and b. hopefully not work with shifty veterinarians.

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