grow already, baby

so the thing about me being pregnant is, i’m less far along than i originally thought. this means that i probably was only 1 or 2 days along when the line turned pink, even though i was on the 3rd ept of the 3 pack when the positive result was, er, positive. the problem with this is that things are not going as fast as i think they are. so like, when i went for my first exam, they tried to do a little in office ultrasound and couldn’t find the baby. so i had to drink a gallon of water and go to a different machine and have some mean lady not tell me anything and then i had to go back and wait a couple of hours to find out that i really was pregnant, all intrauterine and stuff. so like, when i went 2 weeks ago for my amnioscentesis, they had me schedule another appointment since they couldn’t see all the stuff on the baby. so now, today, is 2 weeks later and while they did do the amnioscentesis, they still couldn’t see all the stuff they want to on the baby. so now i have to wait even more! and this is how being pregnant makes me cranky–i’m very impatient and NEED to know NOW whether this baby is a boy or a girl so i can start talking to and about it properly. and now i have to wait. wait. wait. wait. grr.
my brother and sister in law are here to celebrate their anniversary. this means my nephew is here and therefore my mother in law is in a good mood, and very frantic.
i am ready to take a nap, however, as the EXTRA LONG NEEDLE they had to use on me has made me sleepy.

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