oh my god, this is such a pregnancy blog

no it’s not!
okay, i must clarify that i am not so naive to think that the only valuable information i would get from my ultrasound would be whether this little shmish is a boy or a girl. as a 36 year old woman who was born 3 months early, and worked in an environment where many chemicals and what not were present and not handled paranoically etc. etc. etc., i am also very concerned that shmish has all the right parts and is in proper working order. the only bits they could see yesterday were the head, the kidneys, some legs, and not enough detail on the heart. though after about 30 minutes, they noticed it was beating. phew.
when they stuck the extra long needle through the various layers of fat in my belly, shmish actually tried to kick it away. thanks for protecting your mommy.
so if shmish has enough sense to try and protect mommy from an extra long needle, then probably shmish will be fine, right?
i feel more like i should have just gone to the witch doctor and not so much the specialist at this point. okay, that’s not entirely right.
in other news, my mother in law said the most horrible thing to my sister in law that i almost packed up my stuff and went to live in the car.

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