we would look at the sun, and go, whoa, hot.

i am using an ice pack for a pillow.
i am watching the news and realizing that i would SO not make it if i lived in the gulf.
but then i realized that i would SO never live in the gulf, which is not to say that i’m some sort of gulf snob, but i would have perished many years ago from just the humidity. i am so not good in the humidity. or the heat, really, but the humidity would have killed me a LONG time ago.
when everyone was buying supplies in case of a terrorist attack after sept. 11, i had an escape plan and meeting place all worked out. it could be used during earthquakes and other times of natural disaster. here in the suburbs, i have no plan.
if we get trapped in this house i will be forced to eat canned mushrooms because we have an overwhelming abundance of little cans of rubbery mushrooms.
must assemble emergency kit.
must include foods other than rubbery mushrooms.

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