what she said was

‘of course it’s much better to have your own’
referring to children, as i was discussing with my sister in law the discomforts i am having with being pregnant. this was bad because my sister in law and brother in law are infertile and have adopted an awesome little boy and are planning to adopt yet even more. we talk a whole lot about babies cause she has one and i’m going to, and the other thing that my mother in law does is ask her all the time questions like ‘did you have amniosineesis, too?’ forgetting with disturbing frequency that they adopted…and she said the it’s so much better to have your after my sister in law pointed out that one of the things she didn’t miss re: childbirth was labor.
anyway, it was yuck.
and then tonight she got mad at me because i ate leftovers for dinner. then in the middle of dinner she yelled,
‘are you guys ever going to eat all the leftovers?’
when i was, i repeat,
then i said, i’m sorry, i should have asked if you wanted me to leave the leftover food for your lunch tomorrow.
and then she said, whatever, it would be nice if you ate what we ate every so often. which is a sore spot with me because i am trying to nourish myself and the baby with healthy food which is rather unlike me.
and so then when i declined to eat ice cream cake for dessert, she got mad again, and said, ‘if SHE’S not going to eat it, then i will.’ like i was BAD for not eating ICE CREAM CAKE which is not BAD but GOOD considering they had to use the EXTRA LONG NEEDLE to get to the amniotic fluid.

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