oy, double oy, vey.

okay, so the hurricane is driving this household crazy. all i’ve been able to do is yell at the tv, say terrible things about how things should have been taken care of BEFORE THE HURRICANE, and how IF I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN CHARGE, the 747’s would have disneyland parking lot trams strapped to them and waiting, a WEEK BEFORE to take all the poor people to the airport and fly them to all kinds of corners of the earth away from the storm. and how, were i not pregnant and broke, i would drive the truck down there and i could fit, oh, 5 people plus a car seat in the cab and then a few more in the bed and drive them back to california where we could have a big camp out in the back yard, and eat the fish in the pond, if we had to.

(okay, i’d rather starve than eat the fish in the pond, but in the south they eat all kinds of seafood, and would probably be okay with camp out style carp kabobs–not to sound like a food snob–but i would sooner eat the taquitos and mini corn dogs, to which i am absolutely opposed on many levels, than eat anything that swims. i mean, i would throw it up immediately anyway, so better to let the refugees eat the carp….i mean, i would put up money for real groceries and we could eat all kinds of different foods at our refugee camp ground, but what i’m saying is, if it would HELP SOMEONE, they are welcome to the fish. they may NOT, however, eat the cats. they are not food, no matter how hungry anyone is)

anyway, the point is my mother in law’s reaction to all this has been similar to everyone’s, ‘how can this be happening’ etc, etc, etc., but everytime she goes to say something, i start to tense up and cringe. she says things like,

‘i didn’t know there were so many black people in the south.’


‘that house that’s submerged in water is nicer than mine!’

anyway, she’s caught up in her own world of problems, some very unfortunately real, and some, also very unfortunately completely made up and egocentric and cringe-worthy. some are probably tolerable, but not when i’m pregnant. lately, she makes me grind my teeth and try and not be home all the time.
plus, i hate barbecue sauce and this house smells like it rather frequently.

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