i heart insomnia

i was so tired all day today, and now i cannot sleep. at all.
i decided while i was trying to fall asleep, that i would mentally construct and emergency evacuation plan that would provide all members of this household the means and ways to get ourselves to a safe location and be sustained once there.

immediately i realized that our household would not be easy to evacuate.
3 adults, one who cannot walk too far without being in pain, one who is pregnant and crabby, and one who is recovering from a torn tendon.
3 cats, one who is mean and very fat and too heavy for anyone to carry, one who would do okay in the little fake baby carrier, which i could probably wear although pregnant, and one who is too big for the little fake baby carrier, so would need some other kind of carrier but could be carried some distance without being too heavy.
1 dog who is very fat and tires easily, and barks at everything, scaring all 3 cats.

so then i thought, i will just steal a shopping cart. no make that 2 shopping carts. no, wait, 3. 3 is best.
in one, we could throw all the pets and in the undercarriage part, we could put some pet food, water, and what not.
in the other, we could put all our emergency rations, supplies and what not.
in the last one, we could put blankets and pillows and clothes. if someone gets tired, they can ride in this, the comfy one.

then i started to imagine how fast someone would come and steal all our shopping carts.

then i decided to imagine that our evacuation could take place in the truck instead, which made things a little easier.

then i started to imagine how fast someone would just steal everything out of the truck.

then i briefly imagined building a treehouse in the backyard, and putting in a bomb shelter also.

then i realized that i would never get to sleep unless i distracted myself.

so then i decided to write it all down in the blog.

which wasn’t at all distracting.


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