last night i had a laughing attack that rivals any sobe commercial influenced laughing attack that took place in 2003.
after watching yet another science fiction movie with my husband, who likes science fiction movies so much that he and i actually sat through the sci-fi original MANSQUITO, i changed the channel and found an episode of
on tv.
when i was little, i used to watch kikaida and kamen rider and urutoraman taro and at the time, boy, they seemed pretty action packed.
okay, so i was a very naive child, apparently because kikaida is the most ridiculous, bad special effects, hilarious evil villain, terrible costumes, bad acting spectacle i think i have ever seen.
murasaki nesumi was made out of duct tape, and had a very fake tentacle. when professor gill contacted him, two little satellite dishes popped out of his back. when he knocked jiro off the cliff, jiro’s goddamn red guitar did not break. when jiro felt mitsuko’s head after murasaki nesumi poisoned her with GERM GAS, he declared that she had a high fever, but he was WEARING GLOVES, which by the way, he can also play acoustic guitar with on. the gloves. (grammar! sorry)
so i laughed so hard i got a cramp and probably the baby did too.

i also bought 2 magazine subscriptions from boys going door to door hoping to earn enough points to get to cancun and get drunk.
2 magazine subscriptions costs $100 when purchased from boys going door to door hoping to ear enough points to get to cancun and get drunk.

instead of using gerber ezliners, husband told me that i would have to use pages ripped from the expensive magazines.

this was very funny in the aftermath of murasaki nesumi.

in other developments,
i got YELLED at for washing dishes by hand!
i hate this house.

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