even more complaints


today is the day that we are ‘celebrating’ a’s birthday, which is great. i am even going to pry myself away from the kreb’s cycle to be familial, etc.

and i understand that families have traditions and i am in a family and therefore their established traditions are activities to which i am subject.

but we LIVE with my mother in law, and THEY have breakfast together EVERY DAY. BUT on her dear son’s birthdays they have to have MOTHER and SON breakfast without wife. that’s not so bothersome, really, truly, but the part that kills me, is i was told,

“while we’re at breakfast, you can vacuum and clean the floor and the bathroom.” like i’m fucking cinderella.

and vacuum? vacuum? i haven’t vacuumed since i got pregnant on account of airborne microbes/bacteria/dirt. but since i got the note from the doc stating that i cannot lift more than 15 pounds ever, it means that i am suddenly okay for vacuuming duties.

did i mention that i was invited to MOTHER and SON luncheon on the day before his birthday but that i was told I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR MY OWN MEAL? what the hell is this?

what the hell is this?

what the….

and also, god, i miss the record store. and unfortunately, 1996. because it’s not so much fun to listen to silence kit and sing along and think, god, this could use more cowbell, and have to laugh at yourself because no one is there to laugh with you at your stupid stupid joke.

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  1. i miss the store too! i was just thinking about it today. also, i still love you, i have just been working nonstop, not kidding, yesterday was my first day off (or as i like to call it, ‘laundry day’) in i don’t even know how long. i am working an overnight shift tonight, maybe i will call you. xoxo

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