a list of things that would be very much appresh.

my throat is scratchy ouchy. my nose is very full of rocks.

i think having a cold while pregnant is in violation of some very important UN sanctions. or should be.

and there should be a law that mothers in law, even if they too, have a cold and even if they had outpatient lymph node dissection on tuesday, could leave their sick, pregnant, daughters in law alone for one goddamn day.

and it would also be appreciated if mothers in law could also NOT throw their daughters in law’s food ingredients onto the daughters in law’s desk as if it were trash because the packages are in japanese. it would also be appreciated if mothers in law would NOT contradict themselves re: the concept of GODparents and allow their daughters in law some semblance of autonomy re: their own heathen religion and that of their more than 1/2 way ready to be born children, who are going to be jewish, for crying out LOUD because that’s the way it WORKS.

it would also be appreciated if coyotes did not jump fences and eat 3 daschsunds for dinner esp. when those three daschsunds belong to my cousin.

thank you.

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