oh my god, soup

today i had the best soup of my whole life. EVER.

better than the following soups that i totally love:

(in no particular order)

cabbage soup from max’s

chicken in a pot from canter’s

chicken in a pot from nate n’ al’s

chicken in a pot from factor’s

pho from the basement of san francisco state university circa 1988

ramen from miyako

miso soup made by my grandfather’s girlfriend lady in the 70’s

miso soup made by even my mother

red soup that i made a lot of in the 90’s

indochine bowl from long life noodle hut, which is faux pho

okay, the best soup i have ever had in my life came from the freaking TRUCK at school.

the TRUCK which purveys all manner of fried things and one time from which i paid 5 dollars to eat something that resembled a lukewarm stouffer’s skillet sensation.

the lady from the truck even shouted to me, “soup?” from a good 5 feet away as if she KNEW that i NEEDED it.

and i don’t know what the hell she did to make such good pho ga, but the chicken was so elegantly poached, and the broth was so perfect and the jesus christ, the everything about it was so fucking amazing that i know it’s really boring to blog about your lunch but this is the best soup i have ever eaten ever.



it’s probably as good as zithromax.

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