if i weren’t pregnant with who is going to be the best girl in the whole world, i would be absolutely hating life right this second.

today i actually did well on my microbiology lab quiz (i think) and got 10/10 on my characteristics table and 9/10 on my dichotomous key, BUT by the time i got home, it was all for shit.

i can’t stand this house sometimes, all the time, most of the time, and the face she makes when she comes into the kitchen while i’m cooking food for myself makes me want to cry.

and everyone was in a bad bad mood, and then i realized i LOST MY GODDAMN POWERBOOK CHARGER. which costs 79 dollars to replace, which is apparently too much money even though i just balanced the checkbook and duly noted purchases at the tropical fish store totalling over 79 dollars this month. add to that the fact that he keeps having to buy new clothes because he keeps gaining weight, and his clothes aren’t cheap and meanwhile i’m the most unfashionable person on earth on account of being pregnant with the best girl ever, and i think, what’s the point of making me feel miserable for losing my powerbook charger when you keep buying larger and uglier pants?

so of course, nothing is terrible in the face of being only 82 days until baby’s due date, but i don’t like losing things or being reminded how much my absentmindedness costs all the time.

i lose stuff.

it’s how i do.

it’s what i do.

i’m very good at it.

at least i don’t lose anything that absolutely CANNOT be replaced.

even my sanity is replaceable.

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