yay lopez!

my anatomy professor found my charger. HA!

so there, i did lose it, but i didn’t lose it THAT much.

this weekend has been about attempting to study for my vt exam, but i’m so bored. and whenever i write down ‘euthanasia’ i think about teenagers in japan. really.

last night we had kick count scare in which, as i have been instructed, i was keeping track of how many times little one has kicked since 7.30 pm, and my 10.30 pm there were only 4 kicks. they say, ‘call this number when it’s 2 hours and not 10 kicks’ so i did, and they made us come in. and like dummies, we walked in through the er, and that was a whole thing, because at kaiser, if you walk into the er, then you have to be in the er. finally, when they called my name, the nurse guy was all, ‘you were never here, just go upstairs.’ so we go upstairs to labor and delivery, and they put a fetal monitor on, and little face starts moving all around like CRAZY and they can’t even keep track of her little heartbeat because she’s doing freaking yoga on 45 in there. so a. has to hold the monitor thingy to my belly for 1/2 an hour to ensure monitoring. and then we look at an ultrasound and go home.

i was like, ‘can i just get a stethoscope and do this at home?’ and they’re all, no. no you can’t.

next time, drink juice and the baby will move.

well, thanks for telling me that NOW.

oh yeah, and the doctor (who happened to be zithromax lady) was like, “oh, when i was pregnant, i didn’t even count… it’s not a big deal”

grr! you know that lady, as you are a DOCTOR. and if it wasn’t important, why did you give me the kick count card during zithromax visit? huh? why?

i like her though, but yikes. never doing that again.

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