everytime, i do it wrong

it’s always when i TRY NOT to put my foot in my mouth that i DO.
that’s all i want to say about it.
that’s all i will say about it.
that’s all.
i have 2 finals on tuesday, one on wednesday and one on friday and then i am DONE.
and then i can start nesting for baby which is all i want to do anyway.
i’m so lost about humoral and cell mediated immunity and holy crap if i can’t describe what happens when a cytotoxic T cell examines a macrophage that’s presenting a self antigen fragment. okay, i just don’t even know.
and i could kill myself to get a b in the class, but i only need like 10 points to get a c, so maybe i just get a nice c in microbiology and study for something else. but a b, a b would be nice, and since i do understand that bits about epidemiology and a little bit, i know about cytotoxic hypersensitivity and how i am not to worry about this with baby, i think maybe i could go for the b.
b for baby.
hypersensitivity, which is kind of how i put my foot in my mouth that i’m not saying anything about.
but the point, i will tell you, is that if i weren’t so inclined to prevent a cytotoxic hypersensitive reaction in others when asking them things, then they wouldn’t react so cytotoxically hypersensitively. and it’s only because my mom was so cytotoxically hypersensitive about EVERYTHING that i am even LIKE this.
and i don’t have a shrink appt for another FEW WEEKS.

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