B! for baby, and microbiology!

i love it. i got a B in microbiology. after all that crying. it turns out she still had one project to grade, so there was 10 points for free, which brought me up to one point away from a c, and then MIRACULOUSLY, i got 103 points on the final. now, mind you, that’s still a D, but a very high D and lord bless her, she has all these projects and what not that we did, that i hated at the time, but were it not for said projects and my ability to get maximum points on projects, i’d be well and truly screwed. SO. a B in microbiology.

the VT final was okay, not a big deal, but suddenly i started to have many many doubts about the lab practical.

okay, but in real life,

THE CO-SLEEPER CAME! yay! emse has a bed to sleep in for REAL, and it’s all because of her saint-like ‘aunt’ lucy.


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