nesting and resting

today i woke up without the ability to breathe easily. i was all congested and horrible. then all of a sudden i had the worst pain under my ribs ever. it was worse on the right side, and i got all scared because who knows what that might mean, a dull pain on the level of about 7, under the ribs on the right side while sick and pregnant. i called the doc, took some tylenol and then slept for 5 hours. then i woke up with no pain, but still wiped out from the cold. did i mention that i even vomited a little? i did. that sucked.

then by the time a. came home and i ate a potato for dinner, i decided that i had to go through ALL my clothes to make room for esme’s things. i threw out A LOT of things, and fit all my clothes into three drawers. i can’t believe how SMALL my fat lady jeans (from pre-pregnancy times) look. will i ever ever ever not be a manatee? oh god.

so i nested, and rested and hopefully tomorrow i will feel good enough to go to the store and buy conditioner and mabye some other baby supplies.

we watched ‘he died with a felafel in his hand’ which about 1/2 way through, i said to myself, this is like dogs in space without michael hutchence. then i looked it up and realized that it was by the same guy. i did like how it had noah taylor in it and nick cave songs which is all i ever wanted to happen in a movie since i ever saw noah taylor.

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