so, because i have 33 days before the baby is due, i am watching like a crazy for early signs of labor.
not that i want to go into labor THIS early, but on the other hand, i’m getting impatient.
we put tin foil in the co-sleeper so that the cats won’t go in. audrey, pre tin foil, slept in the thing for nearly 24 hours. so far, the foil is, uh, foiling their efforts. not like they leap out automatically because they don’t like the foil, but their jumping in makes an awful racket and i can then fish them out quickly and say, ‘the co sleeper is not your sleeper.’ or something similar.
audrey bit or scratched chakotay kind of bad on the chin, and we are watching it for signs of abscess, because cats are very much prone to abscesses. i suppose it might have been tennessee who bit or scratched chakotay, but it’s hard to say.
i attempted to buy a birthing ball today, and got one that is way to puny to be of any use. who knew they came in sizes?
i also made a baby book wish list on amazon. do you think it’s bad that i want her theme to seriously be black cats? not in a goth way…

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