everything i didn’t want

not like it’s good form to publicly complain about something that might as well be work (as our program at school is always stressing the importance of professionalism, etc) but (and i’ll try and mask this so that i don’t, say, get dooced out of the vet tech program) thanks for ignoring every last request i had re: x. i only spent the entire afternoon writing 17 individual emails asking people to switch with me. thanks a lot.

i go through phases of being able to cook good foods and being able to ruin potentially good foods. right now we are in ruin phase. and me, miss ‘this is too salty’ i’m so full of sodium from my ruination of flat iron steak sandwich that i have to go drink a gallon of water, which, if i may remind you, is good for one, but really, with 28 days to go before birth, might require me to figure out how to do everything whilst sitting on the toilet because of even more increased pee action.

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