okay, so my mother in law loves the tv show cold case, and we just watched the most recent episode.
it was about a kid who, in 1994, apparently commited suicide, but then they find this evidence that leads them to figure out that it was actually a case of involuntary manslaughter that was all intertwined with the death of kurt cobain, a secret girlfriend, a suicide pact that never materialized and incest.
anyway, because i am a geek, i noticed these mistakes:

a. when the story opens, the guy is on his way to detention, and they’re playing the offspring, which would have been impossible, because the day in question was in the spring of 1994, and smash did not come out until the fall of 1994.

b. the kid talks about ‘jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam’ as if kurt had written it, which is wrong, obviously, because it’s a vaselines song.

c. the secret girlfriend acts like she knows the song, that she listened to it, but it wasn’t really available at the time, unless she listened to it while watching ‘unplugged’ or the kid had a bootleg of that or another show in which the song was performed, and he gave her a copy. (which i guess could be possible because he was a huge nirvana fan…but if he were such a huge nirvana fan, then he probably would have known that kurt didn’t WRITE the song, right?)

they really should hire me to be their music consultant on that show so that they don’t make mistakes like this. i mean, really.

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