with love and squalor

more music references for the baby.
as i was reading teen vogue in the checkout line, i saw a picture of the band, we are scientists, actually, it’s a picture of the band holding kittens, which is even more esme, and their album is called ‘with love and squalor’ which means that now she has another, well, thing.
too bad they sound like the killers. or maybe that’s good.
let’s count the things:

okay, just the regular esme part, the for esme with love and squalor part, obviously the whole reason why she’s going to be called esmerelda, but if truth be told, i wouldn’t have even thought of esme as a name if it weren’t for chip porter and tim sendra with their whole esme’s symphony thing, but since THAT came from salinger, okay, so, so thats A.

then B. esme squalor herself, snicket, stripes being in, etc. bad to partially name a child after a villainess, but who cooler than e. squalor, hmmm?

C. the jawbreaker thing, which i didn’t know about until recently, but that’s pretty cool.

D. the witch from bewitched, esmerelda, who i love, and isn’t THAT weird that i was in a band named after a different witch from bewitched, and i only realized that connection yesterday. i didn’t realize how much i really liked bewitched–and at least her name isn’t endora.

E. the new b&s comes out on her due date and it’s called ‘the life pursuit’ which is kind of like what a due date is. sort of.

F. esmerelda’s goddamn kite.

G. now this. plus did i mention that the 3 kittens in this picture look just like chakotay, audrey, and tennessee in that order? okay, they do.

okay, that’s all good omens, except for esmerelda’s kite, who i remember weren’t very good.

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