i’ll know in 3 hours

what they’re going to do.
a’s dad died last night. before that happened, the day was awful because i was avoiding being at home because we were fighting w/ a’s mom about money and i decided to drop out of the vt program for a year so that i could get a job instead of going back to school next quarter in order to better facilitate life and motherhood and non fighting with mother in law hood.
once a’s dad died, i was like, ‘okay, good, quitting school was a good idea, because this shit is bananas.’ and then i got my result of my glucose test from the other day and it was 190. you KNOW that means i’m going to have a godforsaken c-section or something. so in 3 hours we’ll go to the doc and figure that out, and this is hilarious, we’ll have to schedule the c-section and the FUNERAL for the same week! the good (as if) thing is at least a’s family are goys and we don’t have to go through the whole 24 hour burial thing OR the not having a funeral on the sabbath thing. allows for some flexibility.

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