good lord

i can’t believe esme is already 7 weeks old. i swear to god she smiled at me yesterday.
we went to san jose japantown which was more like ghost japantown, and rode on the light rail all the way to the end of the line, stopping to walk around the entire great mall. we must have walked a total of 5 miles, which made me cranky and sore and cranky and sore.
we started weight watchers last night, so we had a ceremonial last meal at hot pot city, which wasn’t as amazing as i’d been led to believe, and it was noisy and i was having a sinus headache. then esme got fussy (cause she a baby). [i saw queen latifah on snl and totally was reminded of how funny ‘i’m fussy’ ’cause he a baby’ is]
today was all about laundry and napping and dyeing more diapers, gerber prefolds that i bought at ******* because we are going through more diapers than i thought we would and i don’t want us to have to use the washer dryer every day in the interest of conserving energy, etc. so we did laundry and napped and dyed diapers and though at the beginning of the day i was sure that i was deathly ill with something that causes sinus pain and pressure, i was feeling much better until…
we went to go pick up a from the train, and when we got home, i heard the smoke alarms going off inside the apartment.
i turned off the wrong burner on our way out and in doing so ruined a pan and almost burned the entire place down. thank god the sprinklers didn’t go off….
i’m having a total shit attack from realizing the destruction i could have caused and will have the reminder of my mistake lingering around the apartment for probably ever, in the form of smoke scented everything.

my favorite tv show is free ride.
and then after that it’s criminal minds only because i heart both patinkin AND gubler.

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