mother’s day

oh my god, i have had my first mother’s day and while i spent it entirely at my mother in law’s house, it was still very pleasant. the winner of the most presents of course was esme, who now has two pack and plays and the one here is baby einstein and is like a discotheque in that it has flashing lights and plays the can can song at a dizzying speed. the one there is not a discotheque and therefore more conducive to naps. she also has a boppy tummy time pillow, a new stuffed rabbit, and some kind of weird winnie the pooh toy that mommy can’t figure out.
in the past week she has met two of her grand-uncles both of whom asked, “is this another grandchild?” as they bounced her on their knees. the one was not joking, and the other was probably being cute and a little tiny bit senile. which is a little yikes–o, the mortality, etc.
in the past three weeks mommy has dyed her hair three times and has given herself countless self-haircuts, which anthony of course, has had to fix. now mommy’s hair is in such a state that any more doctoring will cause it to become uglier than ever and beyond saving by a professional, and it might be time for an intervention but mommy does NOT want to pay for a haircut. ever.
mommy’s hairstyle traumas are a manifestation of mother-anxiety and itchiness, to be sure.

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