lately, i’ve been calling esme relly. rellyroo. rellyrooney. rellyrooneyroo.
poor kid.
she has torticollis, we just found out, so now everyone in the family has non serious ailments.
esme=torticollis and subsequent plaigiocephaly, which all sounds worse than it is. requires physical therapy and oh my god, maybe, if the pt doesn’t fix the flat head, a helmet.
me=de quervain’s syndrome for which i cannot stand to wear the brace because then i can’t hold esme and lift her and what not. also worsening psoriasis which now requires 3 times weekly narrow band uvb treatment, in which i have to wear goggles and a paper bag on my head (i swear to god) and still all manner of 4 topical medications
a=wolff-parkinson white syndrome, which actually isn’t non serious and more serious because it has to do with his heart, but obviously not so serious that the docs are like, oh my god, it’s serious. also lymphedema for which we are doing bandage therapy which has made a. lose 10 lbs in one week, of lymph.

and i finally started losing weight again myself, after various setbacks, but now have shed more than 10 lbs, which is nice, though not even noticeable except for maybe in my fingers.

the narrow band uvb is going to make me very tan, except for, i guess my face, on account of the paper bag, but the rest of me, i can already tell on my arms, and i was only in the light box for 20 very hot and buzzy seconds.

i have to drive 25 miles to my freaking zap appts, which sucks and there is a waiting list till august for zaps in my vicinity. sucks sucks sucks eggs.

today i found special japanese ketchup designed specifically for making japanese spaghetti. the kind you make with, um, ketchup. it’s yum. i am practicing making all kinds of small portions of different foods for lunches so that by the time esme is in whatever grade it is that you send them a lunch in, that i get it right.

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