not funny, at all

as if our minor afflictions could not increase in number, i have a raging, horrible, extremely painful ear infection. oh my god. i didn’t realize how much an ear could hurt. okay, it feels like i’m trying to give birth from my ear, is how much it hurts.

and, a. is getting sick. some sort of cold.

i cannot possibly stand these shenanigans for one more second. no more afflictions!
we have a baby here, a baby who needs massages and neck stretchies from us twice a day, and who also needs food and diaper changes and kisses. what she doesn’t need is to get a cold from her papa. she also probably doesn’t need a helmet, thanks to her afroed physical therapist, mary.

and what with the arm issue, the skin issue, the ear issue and the period issue, it’s hard.

okay, and yes, it could be harder but knock on wood, etc.

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