ninja baby: father’s day edition

today was father’s day, and a’s present still has not arrived, thank you neighborhoodies. so he received a consolation prize from hot topic, featuring a naruto hat and a mandy patinkin t-shirt. this is in addition to the model painting supplies, something about a compressor and paints and whatnot. we’re not geeks, really
after sleeping late in recovery of late night vh1 classic viewing, we had a little picnic and went to see cars. i spotted sarah fine, but which one was no name? and matty, hooman, and kathy? where? scary that the alice morning show crew feel like some kind of extended family. i mean, when the ‘evil emails’ song comes on, esme actually gets happy. metal baby, indeed.
esme had a cranky afternoon, at least i think it was cranky. she’s started to make these crazy screechy noises that sound cranky, but might just be happy. after dinner she went into her swing and then tried to contortion her way out. this led us to put the tray on the swing to prevent acrobatics, and she woke up from her nap screaming and with a huge red splotch on her foot where the tray had been firmly placed, wedging said foot into a fixed position for over an hour. panic panic panic! but she’s recovered, mostly. i figure the crying just serves as a lovely precursor to the crying that will ensue tomorrow from 4 month vaccines. yikes.

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