owies! and dilemma!

relly had her immunizations today. they say the 4 month shots are worse than the 2. she slept a lot, and cried not as much as i thought. her n.p. cleared her for the consumption of rice cereal, and she liked it! more than liking it, she grabbed the spoon from our hands and fed herself with alarming accuracy. messy accuracy.

the dilemma is that i had an interview today at a hospital that would be soooooooooooo great to work in. the problem is that i would have to put relly in some sort of day care two days a week. sooooooooooo not ready for that.
anyway, putting the cart before the horse, i’m worrying about day care when i haven’t even got the job yet.
i DO however have a working interview tomorrow, and here’s hoping i can remember how to properly restrain a cat.
i hope it’s okay that i wear hello kitty scrubs. they’re really cute.

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