o, dilemma

i got the job. apparently, i still know how to restrain a cat. apparently, my hello kitty scrubs were acceptable. apparently, the doctor enjoyed the way i positioned the cat with the abscess the size of esme’s arm’s head while she stitched up a gaping hole the size of esme’s leg. that was bad grammar.
anyway, now we are really trying to find day care.
do you know how much they charge for freaking day care? oh my god!
so i think we’re going to try for nanny share, but even then, i might just be breaking even with what i’m likely to be paid.
but we might as well get used to it, because day care it’ll be for the next few years, oh my god.
to that too.
it’s all i’ve ever wanted in terms of a vt job. no messy smelly slobbery dogs. (oh, but i do like pups, don’t get me wrong) and easy calculations of dosages and what not because there’s not the same kinds of extremes as when one is working with multiple species. cats are, on some level, all the same.
god, but then i look at relly, and i think i cannot possibly leave her with anyone other than me or a. i actually considered the concept of driving her to michelle on tuesday night and picking her up late on thursday. doesn’t sound too crazy except when you learn that michelle lives 3 hours away.
but michelle i would trust, you see, and that’s the crux of the entire situation.

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