things just keep getting…

better and/or worse.
better is we’ve found what is hopefully going to be a good daycare.
better is we’ve decided to move from this apartment, for the following reasons:
1. anthony’s leg cannot take the stairs at present
2. people around here keep getting arrested and their cars keep getting towed.
3. the laundry room is party central at 3 a.m., and our bedroom window is right by the laundry room.
4. now that i’m working, we could get in trouble for living here anyway, and why risk eviction when we could just leave?

worse is the perfect disneyland apartment was just rented before we got there.
worse is the apartment i wanted in japantown is a hovel.
worse is we spotted the cutest house ever, for rent, and the rent will undoubtedly be higher than we can afford.

better is there are a couple of nice from the outside (probably hovel-ish on the inside) apartments in japantown, and maybe we’ll get one of those. they’re so cheap though, i’m really concerned about the hovel-aspect. then again, we know the neighborhood is okay, so who cares, so long as it’s home? it can’t get much worse than parties at 3 a.m. in the laundry room and the wafting into esme’s co-sleeper of pot fumes at all hours. (i have nothing against anyone smoking pot inside their homes, etc., but not so that it wafts into my infant’s co-sleeper.)
there is also one right near my new work, that i hope is nice. we’ll see tomorrow.

worse is as we came home this afternoon, we got into a car crash and now my car is barely drivable. and here’s hoping they just total it out and we can use the cash to pay a bunch of month’s hovel-cheap rent in advance and save up money so that we can make a down payment on the seemingly abandoned japanese CUTEST house EVER for rent.

i’m hoping that the previous tenants/owners/landlords of the seeming abandoned japanese CUTEST house EVER have been abducted by aliens thereby really abandoning the house thereby allowing a deserving family (such as ourselves) to squat in it (!!!!!) and/or purchase it cheap at a government auction for abandoned homes.

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