still life in mobile homes

the housing bubble in this ridiculous state is crazy. we have wasted hundreds of dollars and brain cells this month applying for apartments. i have had my heart broken 5 times by apartments that did not love me back. we have eaten very horrible meals because we haven’t had time to properly cook or sit down and eat because we’ve been driving from place to place, only to have to stay in this apartment another month. the gas expenses for all this driving have been astronomical.
my feet hurt.
okay, that has nothing to do with it.
today i got fed up and actually considered anthony’s crazy idea to look into a manufactured home. i spoke to my friend amber and asked if she thought she could still be friends with me if i lived in a mobile home park. (answer: yes) i went to the mobile home showroom and looked at ridiculously grandiose and gaudily furnished model homes. i grilled the husband of our prospective realtor? agent? seller lady? for 45 minutes while esme tried to eat the brochure. i left convinced that it wasn’t a scam.
on sunday we have an appointment with the wife of the husband i grilled for 45 minutes.
i hereby agree to live in a manufactured home on the following conditions:
1. that the home looks like a home, or alternatively looks like something super modern that a danish architect would build and have on display in tomorrowland.
2. that we do not purchase a home that is so big that it looks like we’re trying to be fancy even though, essentially, we’d be living in a trailer park.
3. that i am able to meet a few families with school age children and become satisfied that the children in said families are not outcasts at school because of where they live.
4. that we go to a financial counselor/planner/advice guy and make a budget that will help us save money, plan for esme’s education, and not live in debt. (because we, apparently, are useless with money)
5. that we will, as a result of meeting with said financial counselor/planner/advice guy, be able to maximize time with esme and not work a million hours a week, but not be broke either.
6. that in the course of mortgage negotiations, we are able to borrow enough money to buy modest high efficiency energy saving appliances, pay off our (thankfully small) credit card debt, and in conjunction with trading in my car, purchase a hybrid vehicle, as consolidation of bills would simplify life and make budgeting simpler.

am i insane?

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