i have modified my goal of hybrid car ownership

okay, so the car i currently drive is plenty efficient, but it’s badly damaged. not only were we in a stupid accident a couple of weeks ago, but the engine has decided to overheat. we thought that the overheating was due to the accident, like the car that hit us knocked the radiator out of whack or something, but the shop told us today that the overheating is unrelated to the accident.
there go my dreams of the insurance company totalling out the car, leaving us with enough for a nice down payment on a prius.
everything is sort of converging on us at once with trying to buy the house and stuff that we are going to not even think about a car until after we’ve signed some house papers, and depending on how much our house will cost, we will see what we have available for putting towards a car.
a hybrid is now out of the running because of the cost, but we will buy an efficient car as soon as we’re able. we’re thinking honda fit, toyota matrix, (or pontiac vibe) toyota yaris, (but with only two doors, the car seat situation could be yikes with the new britax not being a snap and go type of seat) or scion xa or xb.
the matrix/vibe and scion are both rated highly with over 30 mpg, the fit and the yaris get about 30 mpg, but aren’t officially rated as they are brand new. we’re considering a pre-owned car as that will reduce the number of vehicles on the road by one (sort of) and so we’re crossing our fingers that we get this house business done so that we can get the car business done too.

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