the cat hazoo and now the dog (?) hazoo?

i got aNOTHer job. i’m crazy. i felt that i needed to not just see cats. i would get spoiled, and that would be no good. i mean, how will i learn anything about other animals if i work only with kitties?
okay, the real reason was that i had an anxiety attack about getting fired last week when i saw that the dr. was looking to hire another tech. i was sure he was unhappy with me and i was going to be replaced.
that night, i applied to three different practices and now i’ve been hired by one.
it turns out i’m not getting fired, so now i will try to have two jobs.
what about esme you ask?
well, yes, there is this horrible feeling i have that i’m being a terrible mother, but then again, with all this house buying and car needing (and original car not being totalled out by insurance company, but being returned to us with only cosmetic damage fixed as internal damage was not due to accident) we could use the money very nicely.
esme’s day care is getting some new kids this week, and there will be even more little persons for her to play with. surely, surely this is better for her than not having little persons to play with.
but being without her mama or papa all day? oh, oh god i hope i’m doing the right thing.

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