the a is elusive at the moment, i got a not so nice grade on the first midterm, and i think i did really well on the first lab exam, but the grades have not been posted because our lab professor’s son hit his head on a table and got a terrible staph infection and there you go. i hope i don’t get a staph infection from the stupid cat that bit me. i hope i get a better grade on the second midterm, which i should because i’ve just studied the endocrine system for like 4 hours and am going to make a spreadsheet of a bunch of hormones and where they come from and where they go. i hope some cat saliva neutralizing hormones have gone to my finger, which would explain the horrible swelling that is going on. owies. i complain all the time, don’t i? i will not complain about how cute esme’s feet are right now as she naps on the bed. her socks are way too big and she has one foot crossed over the other and her socks are sagging and it’s adorable. see, there, not a complaint. see?

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