oh my god, i totally forgot

about how normally when i start a new blog, i delete the old one, but i had a blog at modblogs and i remembered it today and it’s from when a. and i first moved in together era, and i’m rather hilarious, i think.
for example:

oh my god. this happened:

customer buying hayley westenra: ‘she has perfect pitch’

jen: and she covers kate bush

customer: who’s kate bush?

jen: she did a duet with peter gabriel which involved her hugging him for like an hour and a half, also it’s like she reads gothic novels and then makes pop songs about them.

adam: and she uses words like ‘asunder’ regularly in those pop songs.

customer: who’s peter gabriel?

i love it.
i’m’ so on a crazy kate bush kick right now. i’m so bronte. i’m so ‘let’s buy a property in the english countryside and hope it’s haunted’ i’m so ‘can i go riding in a phaeton?’ (and no, not the new vw phaeton)
i’m so, can i do nothing all day but read sonnets and embroider and go visiting.

or also for example:

hugh dancy
you’re not fancy
even barbara hershey said so
she told me

starbucks has so many varieties
of bottles and treats and cds
this is how i get paid
hugh dancy
you have made
a terrible mistake
for god’s sake

or this, for example:

like krusty said, ‘i used to think i was a self-loathing jew, now i’m just anti-semitic.’
is this comment good enough for you?

Comment by miss jennifer silver — 8/24/2004 @ 5:05 pm

cause if it isn’t good enough, we could just forget about it and i could put some turkey burgers on the george foreman grill. maybe some nice sliced tomatoes on the side?

Comment by miss jennifer silver — 8/24/2004 @ 5:06 pm

august, 2004, the dark time. the halcyon days of yore.

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