oh my god, 2002

as i’m watching matthew gray gubler get tortured by james van der beek on tv, i got all excited that taylor nichols is gubler’s dad and decided to see what might be going on with christopher eigemann these days. and i google him and i come up with this, that i wrote as a comment on dooce in 2002.

jennifer said at 01:26PM, 10.08.2002:
jimmy fallon, hugh grant (in about a boy and not in anything else), ira glass, (wait, i met him, so that doesn’t count, right) matthew chance, chris eigemann, ryan adams (i just wanna make out with him, though) and if ira doesn’t count, then i’ll throw in stephen malkmus.

and when i saw this, i didn’t even realize it was me who wrote it. i was like, look, that person, who has the same name as me, liked the same famous gentlemen that i liked in that same year.

what the?

so i clicked on my name and it went to fitted shirt, which was a group blog that we did, me and philip and angel and everyone, which at one point had the slogan: “now 100% indonesian free” which, in retrospect is hilarious, and anyway, that’s how i recognized myself.

so it’s now 2007, and let me revamp my five:

1. still matthew chance
2. still chris eigemann
3. matthew gray gubler (which makes me a cradle robber)
4. matthew macfadyen
5. kevin mckidd (as lucius vorenus because i’m completely insane, okay?)

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