exist angst

this guy comes into the store yesterday as robin is asking me for clarification about the anti calvin johnson t shirt that was popular in 1990 or 1991. i can’t remember exactly what it said, but this fucker is all like, ‘i remember that shirt’ and he’s an ex critic from the southwest and he spent a good 45 minutes in mark weiss style trying to tell me that it’s okay to be ex-indie because now we have kids and it’s important to be a good parent. and i tell him, i’m not gonna be a kim gordon soccer mom, that’s clear, but isn’t it fucking cool that my daughter already has gedge’s autograph? and he tells me, no, that’s sad. i tell him, um okay, you just also do not understand. and then he gets all ex-indie because he tells me that he lived in the house where the shins live and knows amy linton. and then i realize that i understand and that we’re both saddoes which is pathetic. him trying not to be by being and me being while also trying not to be but only slightly less directly by saying to myself, it’s okay to not be because you’re esme’s mom and mathew is dead and we’re here and it’s now and then i realize i’ve again quoted morrissey and i am and i am and that’s it.

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