hpt vs. hcg or something

okay, so i was sure i was pregnant and i took 3 hpt’s and they were all negative and so i called the dr. and they were like, you need to come in for a blood test, and i was all, do you think, really think, i could be pregnant? and they’re all, maybe, so then i got kind of excited, but then my blood test was negative and so i’m not pregnant, but i still need to go to the dr. and make sure that i’m not having a. menopause or b. pcos or c. something else. oh my god, if i’m menopausal then the psychic who told my mother in law that we would have another baby was wrong. in light of that, it would be very cool to prove to my mother in law that this whole psychic thing is crazy, but i think i’d really rather not be menopausal, cause that would be crazier.
today on bart this girl had her ipod on so loud that we were all forced to listen to fergie.
also, esme has a black eye.

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