lara found me. on facebook.
i’m so excited!

today has been really…frustrating…
anthony has a cold, and esme has been literally, ‘mommy, mommy, mommy, wayu? mommy, wayu? wayu! mommy! mommy! duck! duck! goway aji! aji! mommy no!’ all day.

wayu=where are you
goway=go away (obviously)

and she slapped me in the face, hard. three time outs in one day!

i bought a $5 duck number so that we could have a duck in the tri-city rubber duck race whatever thing. if we win $500 that would be $5 well spent. if we win flooring, that would just suck.

it’ll be fun for us to go and see the rubber ducks race though. they’ll have things for kids to do. some things for esme to yell, ‘mommy wayu!’ during.

i have not blogged in forever, but there’s no updating necessary, except for work is kicking my ass, and tomorrow is the big job description modification showdown. that’s all i can say. i can say no more.

i am supposed to be knitting the match to make shirley’s slippers a pair. but i’d rather be knitting esme’s tank top because i think shirley’s slippers are so godforsakenly ugly, i can’t stand to look at them.

right now, as of right now, i promise pinky swear promise that i will NEVER knit anything for anyone again if they want to pick the yarn. unless that someone has incredibly good taste in yarn.

my feet are cold. i’m going to put them under a blanket.

a pottery barn teen blanket.

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