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today as esme and i were sitting in lanesplitter, waiting for max and lara to come, they played boxcar by jawbreaker and i had a total nostalgia moment, except for the part where i couldn’t remember that it was jawbreaker and just now when i got home, and i remembered, i was all quoting blake by saying to myself, fuck you, in the heart.

but then lara and max came and that was fantastic and we went into the depot which was okay, and damn, if they think the store looks good, they crazy. girl you know i love to write in purple.
and anyway, my decision to finally run screaming from the depot has been confirmed as a truly good one because they crazy. girl you know i love writing in purple.
and then we went to leslie’s sister’s party where esme kept moving people’s bocce balls (which is some kind of serious faux pas) and she ate an entire tootsie pop and got dirtier and dirtier by the minute and if you think her nickname is amy winehouse because ot her shoes, well, it’s not only the shoes but also the dirt, the staggering and the falling down in the street.

she’s hilarious.

ps, i finished shirley’s goddamn slippers in colors of mine own choosings, and they are fucking beautiful.

i bought 9 million yards of wool roving and have no idea what to do with it. it’s like the time i bought all that alpaca and never made one thing out of it.

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