not that anyone cares, particularly

but i have decided to make a statement about things that i have loved lately:

okay, so when anne marie duff, who played elizabeth in the virgin queen, as georgiana longstaffe in the way we live now says, ‘i’ve been jilted by a jew.’ i think it’s brilliant! and then that she used to date dr. who/barty crouch–that makes me jealous, you know because i love david tennant along with like, everybody and their gay brother. and although hugh dancy remains not fancy, his portrayal of daniel deronda was heart breaking or something similar, plus, jonathan firth is not his brother, and tertius looks like will ferrel, seriously.

so you see, i have been watching many a period piece, and i’m sorry, but now that netflix has the immediate gratification option, i can even watch emma from 1972 where mrs. slocombe is mrs. goddard and isn’t that just freaking fantastic? even though THAT mr. knightley is neither matthew mcfadyen or the other guy who wasn’t matthew mcfadyen, but matthew mcfadyen was no mr. knightley when he was that asshole felix carbury, whose sister is named hetta, which i love also, the name, hetta.

and may i say that if that natalie dormer doesn’t stop pouting and pursing her lips, i’m going to behead her before she even gives birth to cate blanchett, who is not tilda swinton. damn girl, you know i love writing in purple.

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  1. OK, so Tudors I get. But I sure don’t know who all these actors are. I see some serious wikipedia time in my future….

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