oh secret pal!

i think i know who you are. i think. if you are who i think you are, then yay! and if you’re not, still yay, but not quite the same yay as the previous yay.
thank you for your kind note. esme grabbed it and ran screaming, so i didn’t get to read it for a number of minutes, until i was able to swipe it from her clutches on the stairs to the apartment. very sneaky, having your boss mail it. don’t think i wasn’t trying to analyze the postmark. which, to my dismay was all messed up because it looked like it ran through the cancelling machine twice. i don’t know if it’s even called a cancelling machine. i just made it up.

in other news, and not necessarily directed at secret pal anymore, but you’re here, sp, so you might as well read:
i get to work from home!!!! i don’t have to go to japanese handbag anymore after next next wednesday! i get to be a virtual assistant or something or other. and i still have my job being a real personal asst. too. but i only have to leave the confines of this suburb twice a week!!!! and that saves on gas, daycare and all manner of things. yay!

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  1. You know who I am already? Oh, well.


    Anyhoo, thanks for posting to your blog and on Rav and keep up the good work!

    Smooches to esme.

    And what a way to go — working from home is the best!

  2. BTW, have you checked out all the comments I’ve left on ur earlier blog posts?

    U should know that I now realize that lanesplitter isn’t a bowling alley so it’s not as puzzling to me that you took yr bebe there.

    Which one do u go to? I found a few of them in ur area but pretty far from ur address.

    Oh. Never mind. Don’t answer that. Too personal.

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