dear secret:

i just found all your comments. i’m so enigmatic!
some explanations:

we move a lot.
i am old.
i used to be rock and roll.
since becoming less rock and roll, (getting married, having baby) i have had a lot of different jobs because nothing has made me happy like being rock and roll. (except for being married, having baby)
i am srsly nostalgic/obsessive.

the theme of lanesplitter isn’t even bowling, which is funny, i think, because i totally thought it would be bowling before i ever actually went into one. it is kind of funny though, that a motorcycle riding themed pizza place with full bar is a place where a lot of people take their kids. it was, in fact, voted something like best place to get drunk w/ a toddler in a local paper. maybe it wasn’t get drunk w/ a toddler, but it was similar.

ps, your comment about me figuring out who you are makes me thing maybe you’re not the one i think you are.

esme sends greetings. actually, she sends ‘look, princess dancing! i hold baby kitty! no nap, morning time!’

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  1. Waving at Esme! Pretty kitty, Esme! Go take a nap now and let mama get some rest. That’s a good girl.

    Thanks for the explanations!

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