i am lax

oh, i have not blogged in a while, i have been a little busy, working 3 days a week for boss number one, and not working very much for boss number two, due to lack of projects. perhaps people aren’t feeling very disorganized at the moment. I have not been feeling entirely well, kind of flu-ish and i have been trying to take oscillococcinum and zicam a lot, but not so much cause dang, that shit is expensive. it does work though, and so work the money. i wonder if they sell it in bulk.
I have been knitting some rasta gloves for karina, and she sent me so much fish oil in return that i am very happy. i love my fish oil capsules. they’re lemon fresh, and she sent some strawberry cod live oil for the child. and she liked it. and this is good because i don’t really think the child gets enough nutrients, let alone her omega threes. the capsules work well to keep the old psoriasis in check, or maybe it’s the 2 enbrel sample doses that dan gave me. or maybe the enbrel is making me feel like the flu. but the other thing about the fish oil capsules is dang, my face is very oily now. like a teenager’s.
I also knit the presents for my aunt and uncle, and the big piece for my dracula swap partner. the life aquatic project is done and has been sitting in the fridge for a week. i need to mail it, but have been waiting till it’s cooler because of the chocolate. (hence the refrigerator.
I’m knitting my mother in law her horrible hat. and then i have to finish michelle’s horrible socks. then carl’s horrible ski mask, then three other friend projects which will be okay because i get to pick the projects and the yarn, and finish dracula, sushi, tea, hsks and pink swaps, though actually, i’m mostly done with pink, but it’s too soon to mail it. then i’m signed up for fucking beer cozies and DL/BR and then maybe i will knit something for my own self. you think? hah! because there will be odd ducks, marie antoinette, roald dahl, abfab, kid’s books, my favorite, tim burton, and oh it’s endless.

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  1. Oh, I hear you and I feel you! I just finished the life aquatic project and have signed up for a bunch more and keep restraining myself from signing up for too many but I still do it.

    BTW, it’s YOUR life aquatic project so answer your effing email so I can send it!

    Love ya! Hugs to the child!

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