i’m lazy. i’ve had terrible cold

but thanks to looking at tavi’s blog, i am just well enough to comment on these:

actually, i can’t comment, because proper words escape me.

oh, okay, i will try

  • omg the shoes, like the ones i tried on in london in 1997 and did NOT buy, but i should have, what else do i have to show for that trip?  well, never mind.
  • contrasting color f-ing CABLES!!!! on otherwise marled ribbed socks.  (i hate marled yarn, but the CABLES!!!! make up for it)
  • today i will be picking out sock yarn and figuring out how make socks with CABLES!!!! like these  CABLES!!!!
  • i know how to make a sock, thank you, and i know how to make CABLES!!!! but not in a different color with a different yarn as pictured
  1. do you make the sock and CABLES!!!! separately and then sew them on?
  2. is it some sort of CABLE!!!! intarsia (please say no)?
  3. is it like an applied i-cord sort of technique?

i’m pretty sure it’s option number one, but if you have, say, a pair of these socks with CABLES!!!!, could you please turn them inside out and show them to me?


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