Well snl, now it’s just awkward

Re: Brittany Murphy I mean. Yikes. I actually loved Ramen Girl too.

We did the Rodarte/Target spree this morning, having to go to redwood city to get the ribcage dress because ONLY ONE TARGET in the entire bay area had it. And only one in each size. So I bought the gray cardigan, the mustard lace/tulle skirt, the dress, (which Monica of my target finagled for me, getting RC Target to actually hold it until I could get over there), and two of the previously perceived as black but are actually blue and white shirts. Everything but one striped shirt and the scarf of the cardigan are going into the post surgery holding area along with my sweaters I’m going to be done with one day. Owls will be done by Tuesday and then I’ll finish Meredith’s argyle–then it’s sea shell, harvest, plain and simple, bay, and whatever that tank is from French girl knits.
Wasn’t that enlightening for you? Pics of fashion later.



Today was spent in a really unhappy mood. Certain things that a certain person said made me cry. And so I spent some time in the library looking at magazines, and I did manage to contact all our new leads, and now things are a little better.

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jews write the best xmas songs. chanukah songs, not so much

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I’m trying to find my inner teenager again. absolute beginners again. absolute beginners who knit and have 8 sweaters on deck in various sizes for my transition to healthy-ville.

today i am a boy
today i am a boy by bittlerelly featuring Vivienne Westwood
my boss is actually very nice.
my boss is actually very nice. by bittlerelly featuring Irregular Choice shoes
Absolute Classic Masterpieces
Absolute Classic Masterpieces by bittlerelly featuring Vivienne Westwood shoes
all winter long while i was locked in my room, face at the window with my head on the floor, i was thinking of you
all winter long while i was locked in my room, face at the window with my head on the floor, i was thinking of you by bittlerelly featuring CoSTUME NATIONAL
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terry hall

okay, first, here’s a quote from terry hall:

“I got stopped in Camden by one of those students who wear aprons for different charities,” he says. “And this was from the mental health charity Mind. I’ve suffered from depression quite heavily for years. And he had a clipboard and said, ‘Come on cheer up.'” A look of disbelief. “That’s not how you approach someone who’s got an illness. ‘Cos I’ve had ‘cheer up’ since I was fucking four. You’ve got to think about how you’re going to approach people.”

the man is a genius aside from his musings on depression. you know how morrissey says, sing your life? terry hall hasn’t sung my life, exactly, but his music is like, the soundtrack of my life.

i wish anthony could understand how i feel about my favorite songs and how i like to talk about bands that i like and i wish he could hear “sense” and have it make sense.

instead, it’s mine all mine. and i don’t want it to be.

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dear the flu,
i don’t know if you’re the h1n1, the regular, the one with the gpm’s and the camping, rap music and flash dancing; i hate you. i have been sick with you for over a week. do i feel better? no. please take your chills, coughing, fatigue, congestion and whatever else you have here and get out. i evict you! and take your friend urinary tract infection with you. i have life to live and stuff.

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a movie i had never seen

but i have now seen: Love Actually.
I have a comment:
Colin Firth speaking Portuguese.
Good night.
Damn Colin Firth! You’re speaking Portuguese.
Remember when you were Judd? Judd Judd Judd Judd Judd Judd
Can I call you Tommy, Tommy?

So if you put it into years, I have had a crush on Colin Firth for 25 years. That’s devotion my friends.

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lego, srsly?

i bought a crazy lego set today at the thrift store. it seriously looks like csi miami in lego form, but i’m betting the whole paradisa theme was inspired by miami vice. i go online to see if instructions are available and i find that this set, new goes for between 175 and 795 dollars. yeah, i said 795. so i guess it could be worse, my family’s lego obsession. make that anthony’s lego obsession. i like them, but i like many things better.

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Since I’m going to have WLS, I have decided to knit things in a smaller size after I’m done with not a snuggie. So Sea Shell is going to be probably be redone in like, pure wool aran, I’ll redo my vintage smock some day; the overalls dress. Coprispalle Vittoriana, aka, so it’s like johnny depp in sweeney todd and crybaby will just use less mally sock, which will leave something for oh, i don’t know, socks? i love to knit socks, and I have no handknit socks of my own. wtf?
But, less yarn = more money to buy more yarn.

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So I went to work yesterday and after telling Jill all the drama of the fam, and the fake heart attack, and the infection and everything, she says (and I am not quoting verbatim) so right about the time of the fake heart attack, I was lying in bed in Barcelona and it came to me that Anthony and Jennifer have to have gastric bypass surgery.
And then I said, OMG Jill, I was going to tell you next that I’m totally going to do that.
My boss has many awesome powers.

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