intarsia vs. fair isle/cake/rodarte omg.

i hate intarsia:each goddamn pink and purple diamond had to have a strand hanging down because you just are not supposed to carry the yarn behind so many stitches.  the front of this looked okay, but the back is a disaster.

here’s another back of intarsia, my second attempt at this project.  i decided it would be easier to just have one center line of argyle so i wouldn’t have so many strands.  doing it this way i had only 5 strands as opposed to the 15 i had with the first try.

but it looks all gross on the back.

here’s the front of that piece:

looks nice enough, right?  but each row took so long (just doing those 3.5 argyles took a couple of weeks) and although you can’t see them, there were no fewer than 8 dropped stitches within that argyle, so i threw it away, too.

so after throwing away the back of a vest, three ruined partial fronts (forgot to take pics of try number 3)  i did this!  in 4 days!

and why did it only take four days, you ask?  well see, in fair isle, there are no more than 5 stitches in between colors so you can just switch colors without starting a whole new strand.  also, instead of being knit separately, this vest was able to be knit in the round, like a tube for most of it, most importantly all the colorwork was made this way.

look at how pretty the back is:

pardon the picture quality (iphone) but really, the back looks like it could be the front of something, sort of, it makes a nice little pattern, i think.

so i’m more proud of this project than any other i’ve done in a long time.

here’s a pic of esme eating birthday cake yesterday at grandma’s:

and finally,

OMG Rodarte, quit being so amazing!i got this pic from

1.  ankle straps

2.  tights/pants or something made of tulle with embroidery for god’s sake

3.  tartan and gingham!

4.  inside out tartan cuffs!

so pretty!

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Well snl, now it’s just awkward

Re: Brittany Murphy I mean. Yikes. I actually loved Ramen Girl too.

We did the Rodarte/Target spree this morning, having to go to redwood city to get the ribcage dress because ONLY ONE TARGET in the entire bay area had it. And only one in each size. So I bought the gray cardigan, the mustard lace/tulle skirt, the dress, (which Monica of my target finagled for me, getting RC Target to actually hold it until I could get over there), and two of the previously perceived as black but are actually blue and white shirts. Everything but one striped shirt and the scarf of the cardigan are going into the post surgery holding area along with my sweaters I’m going to be done with one day. Owls will be done by Tuesday and then I’ll finish Meredith’s argyle–then it’s sea shell, harvest, plain and simple, bay, and whatever that tank is from French girl knits.
Wasn’t that enlightening for you? Pics of fashion later.